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Smart Sewer Program:
Data Analysis

Underground Sewer

Short-term flow metering and data analysis are part of Kansas City, Missouri's overall plan to assess the effectiveness of sewer system rehabilitation. This project involved analysis of flow data to determine the system response to rainfall during storm events.


  • Flow data analysis. Flow data collected at 67 locations grouped by drainage basin throughout the sanitary and combined sewer systems were analyzed to quantify dry-weather and wet-weather flow components, prepare projections of infiltration for design storm conditions, and to evaluate existing system capacity with respect to the spring 2017 rainfall.

  • Sanitary sewer model inventory. Existing GIS data for the Blue River North Basin were reviewed and supplemented. The inventory identified missing and inconsistent data, and reasonable assumptions were made to incorporate missing pipe size, pipe slope, invert elevations, pipe depth, and inconsistent identification. The existing and supplemental data were incorporated in an ArcGIS geodatabase file.

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