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  • Roof Installation Oversight

  • Roofing Condition Assessments

  • Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)

  • Focused Asset Management Assessments

  • Technical Review of PCAs

Establish a roof management program today and project capital improvement and repair cost cash flows. Understanding and projecting the useful life cycle of your roofing system will help reduce unanticipated expenditures. Semi-annual roof inspections will help you anticipate needed repairs and possibly prolong your roof's useful life.

Roof Management Programming

  • Review of Owner-Supplied Roof-System Documentation

  • Establish Roof System Data Base

  • Physical Inspection of Roof System

  • Roofing System Analysis Report Including: System Life Cycle Projections

  • Replacements and Repair Cost Estimates

  • Capital Improvements and Repair Cycle Projections

Roof Replacement/Construction Project Management Services

  • Pre-qualification of Roofing Contractors

  • Bidding Process Assistance and Review

  • Pre-con Meeting and Roof Construction Oversight/Review

  • Perform Intermediate (50%) Construction Progress and Quality Assurance Inspection

  • Payment Application Verification and Review

  • Perform Acceptance Inspection and Prepare Punch List

  • Prepare and Issue AIA Certificate of Completion


Technical Review Services

  • Technical Review of Roofing Assessments Prepared by Others

  • Technical Review of Property Condition Assessment Reports


Supplemental Roof Inspection and Project Management Services, including quality control, compliance analysis and assistance, asbestos testing, and coordination and oversight of repairs are also available.


Roofing Project Experience

EAE has performed roofing consulting/assessment or roofing construction oversight on over 30 buildings consisting of schools, theaters, office buildings, strip malls, and warehouses in 9 states.


“EAE has provided cost-effective roofing assessment, inspection, and consulting services for many EPR Properties facilities. Their staff members have been well qualified, responsive and fully committed to resolving time-critical issues.”

Michael J. Rusche, Vice President

EPR Properties; NYSE: EPR

Jill Biesma, Team Lead, Roofing & PCAs

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