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Combined Storm/Sanitary System Brush Creek and Town Fork Creek: Field Inspection


This project involved a combined storm/sanitary system study and development of a master plan. EAE field inspections provided the data necessary for hydraulic modeling and master planning:

  • Plans were prepared for each site to minimize obstructions, hazards, trespassing, and set-up & take-down time and maximize limited site space for staging equipment and decontamination.
  • 123 special structures were inspected, which included implementing confined space entry procedures for the diversion structures and manholes.
  • Activities were conducted without the client receiving any complaints from citizens or public agencies.
  • The large amount of data collected was managed using a variety of digital tools such as digital database, GIS digital mapping, digital photography, and spreadsheets and was captured using a standard inspection reporting format.

City of Kansas City, Missouri, Water Services Department, Subcontractor to Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.


Key EAE Personnel:
Alan Mitchell
Robert Bens
Jill Biesma


Intense up-front planning maximized efficiency and minimized conflicts and hazards
No complaints were received from citizens or public agencies



"Throughout all these project efforts, EAE staff demonstrated a great deal of initiative, a very impressive attention to detail, a commitment to providing a high-quality work product, and a dedication to providing their efforts in a very responsive manner."


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